Another Live First for Nine Inch Nails - and It's Perfect

September 19, 2018

© Jim Louvau/Special to The Republic


Do you hear that? It's the sound of Nine Inch Nails fans everywhere screaming with delight at some of the songs showing up on these Cold and Black and Infinite setlists. First it was the entire Broken EP. Then last night, for the first time EVER, NIN performed "The Perfect Drug" from the Lost Highway soundtrack. (h/t Brooklyn Vegan)

Those drums! That intensity! It's clear that this tour is going to be a must-see. Here's a list of all the songs Nine Inch Nails have never played live so we can start guessing what might happen in New York. Lots of options from The Fragile - and I'd love to see "My Violent Heart". If you need tickets, good thing for you ALT 92.3 saved some - details on when to win them soon!