The NY Times Pays Tribute to My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade

December 18, 2019
My Chemical Romance

Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images


While we all wait (im)patiently for My Chemical Romance to announce a reunion show in New York - or New Jersey, or both! - this New York Times profile on The Black Parade is a great way to pass the time. It's a loving tribute to the glorious 2006 album, the music that influenced it, and the songs that were inspired by it. Plus it doubles as an epic playlist if you need a break from holiday music! 

Alongside a track-by-track breakdown of every song from The Black Parade, you'll spot newer ALT artists like twenty-one pilots, The Killers and Panic at the Disco, alongside alternative originals including The Smiths, Joy Division and Green Day. There's legends like Bowie and Queen. Birthday girl Billie Eilish is in there. And LOVE the shout outs to fellow Jersey emo bands Thursday, Midtown and Saves the Day. I don't want to spoil everything, I'm just saying, it's good, and it makes me that much more excited for the return of MCR. Go check out the NYT profile here!

...and here's the video for "Welcome to the Black Parade", just because.