New Things to Eat at Citi Field This Year

April 4, 2019
Citi Field

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images​


Happy home opener, Mets fans! Even if you're not at Citi Field today for the festivities, you have many more chances to cheer on your team this year while eating AMAZING FOOD. Among the new options: two savory treats from Pizza Cupcake, Dulcinea churros, and a variety of Destination Dumplings. Here's mouthwatering photos of the culinary additions, plus the existing favorites (I'm always a sucker for Shake Shack anywhere). And feast your eyes on this creation from Wowfulls:

Christine | ALT 92.3

That's good eats right there. And here's a level-by-level guide to exactly where to find your new favorite Mets game food!