A New Fiona Apple Album Could Be Coming Next Year

September 25, 2019
Fiona Apple

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images


Fiona Apple is an extraordinary human. I still have vivid memories of listening to her debut album, Tidal, during my first ever cross-country flight to California - on my DISCMAN. I was an angsty teenage girl and she spoke to my soul. She still does. 

There's a great new interview with Fiona in Vulture, prompted in part by the new movie Hustlers' instantly memorable use of her song "Criminal". It touches on everything from her classic "the world is bullsh*t" VMA quote to her influence on young ALT artists like Billie Eilish to JLo's... assets. Fiona also talks about women in music, the strength she's found since starting in the music business, and her drive to seek justice in the world. It's a wonderful sprawling read. 

Fiona ALSO casually mentions that she has been working on a new album, which was supposed to be done "a million years ago", and which she now hopes will be done in early 2020! This is excellent news. While we wait for concrete details, please enjoy this fan-shot video of Fiona performing with Temple of the Dog at the Chris Cornell Tribute Concert earlier this year.