The Most Popular Football Foods in the Tri-State Area

January 31, 2019

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Maybe you could care less about the BIG GAME this year. Blah blah, Tom Brady again, blah. But you like food, right? Who doesn't like food? So let's focus on that.

There are a couple of recent reports claiming to know the most popular Super Bowl foods in each state. This one uses data from Google Trends to say:

New York: spinach dip
New Jersey: buffalo chicken dip
Connecticut: ALSO buffalo chicken dip

But then THIS ONE comes from General Mills, who used OTHER data to say:

New York: buffalo chicken wings
New Jersey: chili
Connecticut: slow cooker chicken wings

WHO DO YOU TRUST? Well, if you trust me, let's do this: the words "buffalo" "chicken" and "dip" show up the most often in the above foods, including as an actual answer. I made this buffalo chicken dip earlier in the football season and it was really good (my hot sauce of choice is Cholula). So there you go: the answer for the entire Tri-State is buffalo chicken dip, and you're welcome.