That Time Mike Shinoda Rewrote a Classic Musical Song

October 16, 2018

Joe Cingrana | ALT 92.3

Our Not So Silent Night lineup is out, and Mike Shinoda is part of it! While we wait for December 6th at Barclays Center, let's revisit the last time Mike Shinoda came by the ALT 92.3 studios.

It was right after Mike's debut solo album Post Traumatic came out, and we covered a lot of emotional ground talking about the project. Mike discussed his own feelings pretty openly and honestly: those kind of conversations are invaluable in ending the stigma of talking about mental health. 

As the conversation ended, Mike reminisced about his earliest days of performing in theater. That's when we discovered that a young Mike Shinoda once rewrote a song from an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical - inspired by both the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his teenage feelings about Elvis. Watch him tell the story:

Has Lin-Manuel Miranda given Mike a call? We'll ask at NSSN