Check Out the Newest Dictionary Words!

September 4, 2018

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Today's a joyful one for Scrabble players, crossword fans and logophiles everywhere: Merriam-Webster added over 800 new words to the dictionary!

Some of them may already be familiar to you, and that's kinda the point: when a "non-official" word becomes used by enough people in enough places, that's usually when the dictionary gives it a stamp of approval. And since language is always evolving, the people at Merriam-Webster know they have to evolve along with it. 

So next time you're hangry and order a marg and some guac, then force quit an app and start Instagramming instead, even though you know it's a time suck, you're doing it all with the dictionary's approval. Adorbs

TL;DR: here's Merriam-Webster's clever announcement about all the new words! And follow them on Twitter for even more witty wordplay.