Magic: The Gathering Is the Latest 90s Thing to Hit the Screen

June 3, 2019
Knight Fighting a Demon

Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus

Way back in the 90s, my brother's friend gave me a Magic: The Gathering card as a gift. Unclear if it was just a kind gesture or preteen flirting, but it was sweet either way. The card was some kind of unicorn: Magic has like a dozen different ones and time has blurred my memory. I didn't actually play the game back then (more of a Final Fantasy fan) but I still find myself kinda excited about the prospect of a Magic: The Gathering Netflix series! It's in the works from the directors of Avengers: Endgame, Anthony and Joe Russo, who have apparently been fans since the beginning. Sweet. Hopefully there are unicorns!

And if you've never played MTG but find yourself newly intrigued, here's a how-to video straight from the source: