Cue the Screaming: Macaulay Culkin is Joining American Horror Story

February 26, 2020
Macaulay Culkin

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


The internet is buzzing about today's American Horror Story casting news: former child star and pizza enthusiast Macaulay Culkin will be joining the cast for the FX show's 10th season. 

There's a fantastic in-depth interview with Macaulay (who prefers to be called "Mack" these days) in the latest issue of Esquire: you can read that here. He's experienced a lot in the years since the massive success of Home Alone - it's just that not much of it has been in front of a camera. From the way it looks on Twitter, people are more than ready to see him in AHS. Whatever this season's theme (space?), or the terror that awaits Mack, just keep his character away from bees, please. It's been done.