This Knicks Fan Has Had It

August 21, 2018

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You can buy a lot of strange stuff on eBay. And most of the time, those unusual things are actually things (except for the guy who tried to sell the meaning of life.) Now one pissed off Knicks fan has decided to put something intangible - his fanhood - up for auction.

How would this work? Whoever has the winning bid decides who "evanperl" roots for next. According to his lengthy (and well-written) eBay post, that means buying game tickets and jerseys, purchasing the NBA package to watch at home, and even gambling $500 on the team the winning bidder chooses. It's all worth it to evanperl to say goodbye to the franchise that has hurt him over and over again.

It may seem like a joke from a frustrated fan, but here's the thing: people are bidding. As of rightthissecond, there have been 12 bids - and the highest is $3100!!! It might be even more by the time you check. Who knows how many equally angry Knick fans will try to ease their pain with the potential for a little cash - maybe even you?

Click here to bid (...or just check out where the bid is at now)