It's World Emoji Day: Check Out the New Ones Headed to Your iPhone

July 17, 2019

Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus


Words. Who needs 'em. Wait, I do, since I use them on the radio. ANYWAY. We all know that there are times when they don't speak as loudly as a well timed emoji, and today is World Emoji Day! The blushing smiley is at the top of my frequently used: or maybe it's me smiling but flushed from the heat. Hard to tell. 

In a well-timed announcement, Apple just let us know which new emoji we can expect to use later this year, and the list focuses on diversity and inclusion. Respect. There are 59 in all, and here are a few:

Got my eye on that sloth, since it's the emoji that most closely resembles me on the weekend - as well as the waffle, because our waffle maker is what motivates me to be less of a sloth on the weekend. Here's Apple's release about all the new options.