How Kindness Is Good for Your Health

November 13, 2019
World Kindness Day

Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus


World Kindness Day has existed for more than 20 years. It's an initiative that connects people from all backgrounds through kind deeds and generosity of spirit. No matter how many things appear to divide us, we're stronger when we're connected, and that's what today is all about. 

There's scientific evidence that being kind is good for our collective health, too. We know that stressful environments are bad for us - and can even shorten our life expectancy. So cultivating an environment that's cooperative and kind has the opposite effect, lowering blood pressure, strengthening our immune systems, and helping us live longer.

I remember an NYT article about altruism and evolution, written years ago, that still sticks with me. Anthropologists and biologists agree that we've been hardwired to collaborate from the earliest days of humanity: working together is the ONLY way we've survived this long! When you're kind to someone else, you're helping humans continue to evolve.

There are countless ways to practice kindness. My coworkers know I love to share baked goods: there might be a container of homemade gingersnaps in the ALT studio today. You can hold a door, donate something you were going to throw away, or really listen to someone who's having a bad day, And you can DEFINITELY be kind to yourself, because you deserve it too. Here are some other ideas to use today and every day. Thanks for reading - and happy World Kindness Day.