How to Get Cats to Like You

August 23, 2018

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Cats have an unfair reputation for being aloof and indifferent towards people. Sure, they might not be as eager to please as dogs, but that doesn't mean they're not affectionate! I have two snuggly kitties at home as proof. 

So whether you're trying to win over the pet of someone you're dating, or you just want to amaze friends at parties (and animal shelters), here are some tips and tricks for winning the heart of a cat. Basically... you can't approach them the same way you do dogs, for a bunch of reasons. Dogs have been pets for roughly 100,000 years (there's a new movie called Alpha all about this), while cats and humans have only been cohabitating for 5,000 years. So kitties are still figuring us out, evolutionarily speaking.

If you play it cool so they become curious about you first, and appeal to their inner hunter (think about how cats go wild for laser pointers), you're in good shape. And when all else fails: treats. That goes for humans too, I guess. 

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