Here's the Perfect Order to Watch ALL of the Marvel Movies

March 28, 2019
Goofy Avengers



Big week for Avengers: Endgame-related #content. First we found out exactly how long the movie will be: long enough to make you think twice about ordering an extra-large drink. Then came the "Avenge the Fallen" posters, in color for those who survived Thanos's snap, and black and white for those who didn't. Sniffle.

If all this is getting you extremely hyped, and in the mood to dive into the Marvel Cinematic Universe before April 26th, someone took the time to figure out the "perfect" viewing order of all the movies. So not the order in which they were released, CHRONOLOGICAL order - and they included the TV shows too. It's more than a week's worth of bingewatching.  You might need to use some sick days. Here's the list!