Here's the Latest Game of Thrones Writing Update from George R. R. Martin

July 16, 2019
George R. R. Martin

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images


It's been almost two months since Game of Thrones finished its HBO run, leaving fans with all kinds of questions, including: is this the way the books are going to end too? There's only one man who truly knows: George R. R. Martin.

Immediately after the series finale, Martin blogged that the answer was both yes and no. Vague! Since then, there has been much documented frustration about the way Thrones "should have" ended, much to the dismay of the cast who worked so hard on it. Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly published an interview with Martin where he confirmed that internet reaction will not affect his plot plans OR his writing timetable: basically, he'll be done when he's done. To quote The Princess Bride: I hate waiting. He also talked about the process of writing during the show vs. writing now that it's over: read the whole thing here.

Regardless of how the books turn out or what people thought of the final season, Game of Thrones just picked up more Emmy nominations than any other show this year, including:

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