Here's Exactly How Many Minutes of Game of Thrones We Have Left: UPDATE

March 15, 2019
A Girl Has No Name

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We're just about a month away from the beginning of the end of Game of Thrones. I'm still not emotionally prepared - although we've caught up watching the first two seasons and are on pace for a season a week until the final (sniff) season premiere. The New York Times has a good guide to rewatching the show, including recaps and things you might have missed: find it here. 

Thanks to some clever detective work, the Winter Is Coming blog figured out the length of the final 6 episodes - almost. HBO made the official announcement about episode length today:

Episode 801: 54 minutes

Episode 802: 58 minutes

Episode 803: 82 minutes (Winter Is Coming reported that this one was an hour)

Episode 804: 78 minutes

Episode 805: 80 minutes

Episode 806: 80 minutes

...for a grand total of 432 minutes of Game of Thrones left. Somehow that doesn't seem like nearly enough. Time to spend a few moments watching the Season 8 trailer again in anticipation.