Harry Potter's Childhood Home Is on Airbnb

November 4, 2019
Daniel Radcliffe

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images



Tomorrow Jersey City votes on regulations for short term rentals, concluding a fierce battle that's resulted in record spending on both sides - and lots and lots of commercials, at least on my TV. People are gonna be unhappy no matter how it turns out.

So let's talk about a more cheerful short term rental story! Airbnb currently has a listing for the childhood home of Harry Potter, as seen in the movies - the one where his birth parents lived, not the one where he lived in a Cupboard Under the Stairs. It's a former bed and breakfast, located in the English village of Lavenham, that combines old world charm with modern amenities. The cost per night is reasonable too: about $140 a night in muggle dollars for the dates I checked. Imagine the pictures you could post! Check out the listing here.