Happy Birthday to The Black Parade

Plus a taste of new music from Gerard Way

October 23, 2018



Twelve years ago today, My Chemical Romance released The Black Parade. Their third album was dark, ambitious, and moving: a musical look at death through the eyes of the dying. It was a project that at one point was meant to be their last. And it's still just as much fun to listen to as it was in 2006. 

From the first note of "Welcome to the Black Parade" to the key change, to the final refrain of "we'll carry on," I'm turning the volume in the ALT studio up to 11. It's an anthemic piece of music for anyone who's ever felt broken and defeated but found the strength to keep going. I've always been a constantly-quoting-song-lyrics kind of person, so if I say "when I was..." and someone follows up with "...a young boy," I know I'm in good company.

The entire concept album is full of jams ("Dead!", "Teenagers" and "Famous Last Words" are some other faves), and the theme makes it great Halloween time listening. And even though it's The Black Parade's birthday, Gerard Way just gave us a spooky gift: a taste of new music!

New single "Baby You're A Haunted House" out 10/26! #byahh

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12 years later and the specter of Death is still creeping all over his music. Tis the season. Three cheers for sweet revenge and over a decade of The Black Parade!