Google Reveals The Most Searched For Holiday Gifts of 2019

December 10, 2019
Holiday Shopping

Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus


We had some family members in town over the weekend, and the conversation inevitably turned to "so what does everyone want for Christmas?" It's the never-ending quandry this time of year: do you go out on a limb and guess what your loved ones might like, or ask them directly and take away some of the holiday magic?

Google, naturally, has a way to take their data and give YOU the gift of inspiration. They've put together a site that calculates the top trending presents based on what people are searching for. There are all kinds of categories for everyone on your list, from tech and toys to kitchen gear and gifts of self-care. For example, right now it looks like a LOT of gamers are getting Death Stranding this year. And while giving someone a vacuum MIGHT send the wrong message, Dysons ARE pretty sweet - and popular! Here's the link to all the top 100 gift ideas in every category.