Flashback Friday: Muse "Bliss"

November 2, 2018



There are probably dozens of songs I could pick for a Muse FBF post - and who knows, maybe when we get closer to Not So Silent Night, I'll carve out some time for a Nothing But Muse throwback playlist. Mental note: made. For today though, let's go back to 2001 and Muse's second album: Origin of Symmetry. 

"Bliss" is not the first Muse song I ever heard. (That would be "Muscle Museum".) And Origin of Symmetry is not my favorite Muse album. (It's a very close second to Absolution.) It IS a song that makes me extremely happy every time I see it performed live, which is appropriate for the title. Matt Bellamy even called it his favorite Muse song at one point. So crank the volume, enjoy Matt's red hair, and get ready to feel the joy at NSSN.

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