Flashback Friday: Jimmy Eat World "Lucky Denver Mint"

November 15, 2019
FBF Jimmy Eat World

Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images


Ever since we announced the Not So Silent Night lineup, there's been a lot of talk about the Jimmy Eat World album Clarity here at ALT 92.3. We discuss how incredible it is from top to bottom, what an emotional experience the 10th anniversary tour was, and how many of us will cry if/when Jimmy Eat World plays anything from it at Barclays on December 5th. (Spoiler alert: at least one. Me.)

To be fair, the entire Jimmy Eat World catalog is full of songs for sensitive hearts that make sing along. They've been doing this for more than two decades. That's a lot of memories. The nostalgia will be on full display during their NSSN set, plus tracks from their new album, Surviving. We are running very, very low on tickets, so PLEASE don't miss out: here's the link to buy them, and keep listening for ways to win your way in. Today's FBF track is "Lucky Denver Mint", track #2 on Clarity - because it's still true that good things won't let you wait.