The First Trailer for Captain Marvel Has Arrived

September 18, 2018

© Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY


The trailer for Captain Marvel is here and it is BADASS. From her crash landing into a Blockbuster Video (the movie is set in the 1990s), to the childhood nostalgia that might not be real, to the reveal of her explosive powers, it's two minutes of emotional adrenaline. 

Marvel is changing up the story of how Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel for the movie: you can read all about it here.  The article also mentions that a writer from Inside Out worked on the script, which might explain why I had ALL OF THE FEELS watching the trailer. And clearly someone involved is a Nine Inch Nails fan:

Love it - and Brie Larson looks incredible. Captain Marvel doesn't come out until next year, so enjoy the trailer for now and mark 3/8/19 on your calendar!