Doing This Exercise for 10 Minutes Is Like Sleeping for 44

February 7, 2019
Relaxed Woman

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Getting enough sleep isn't always easy. Those Netflix shows aren't going to binge watch themselves, and what better time to remember when your backpack broke open on the playground in third grade and all the kids laughed and you felt SO embarrassed than bedtime?? If you have a night that's a little short on sweet sweet sleep, there's something you can do in ten minutes to refresh your brain: mindfulness exercises. 

Mindfulness is being fully present in each moment, paying attention to your actions and doing them with purpose. It's not all meditation and yoga: you can mindfully wash dishes, walk to work - almost anything. Practicing mindfulness can help bad times feel shorter and good times stay with you longer. The faster the world moves, the more important it is to slow down and be in the moment. Just ask Ferris Bueller. 

So while mindfulness exercises can't magically erase a night of partying or severe sleep deprivation, the brain boost you get from doing them for ten minutes is enough to make you feel as rested as 44 extra minutes of sleep.  Not sure where to start with mindfulness exercises? Here's a list of 71 to try.