A Delicious Timeline of Classic Candy Bars

October 25, 2018

© Bhofack2 - Dreamstime.com

Odds are you're not planning on giving out full size candy bars for Halloween - unless you want to be the most popular house ever. Regardless: this time of year, everyone has thoughts on candy, so I found you a list of the 25 Most Influential Candy Bars of all time. 

What makes a candy bar influential? According to the list, it's mostly whether or not it's still being sold today. I'm sure there are other factors, like placement in TV or movies. When I say Goonies, do you immediately think about Baby Ruth? THAT'S influence. 

This list is also crammed full of trivia: Heath Bars were marketed as health food! Three Musketeers originally had three flavors in one pack! 100 Grands were once accepted as currency! (That last one is 100% not true, just seeing if you were still reading.) 

It's also amazing how long some of these classics have lasted - the timeline truly takes you on a tasty journey. Find your favorite candy bars on the list here!