Daniel Craig Says Seriously, He's Done With James Bond Now

November 25, 2019
Daniel Craig

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images for Sony Pictures


Time to start up the James Bond casting rumors again! Daniel Craig told Stephen Colbert that his fifth Bond film, No Time To Die, will definitely be his last. There has been rumors that the VERY lucrative deal he signed to return to the franchise back in 2016 was $150 million for two movies, but Craig says: "it's done." 

So now what? We've already talked enough about Idris Elba (swoon) as Bond to last a lifetime: the actor says he wouldn't take the role anyway. We could go the Joker route and do a gritty origin story of a Bond villain instead. Or Hollywood could say, you know, we've made more than 25 of these things, maybe it's time to move on. No Time To Die could be the PERFECT time to Live and Let (It) Die. Thoughts? 

Oh, and here's a bonus clip of outtakes from Daniel Craig's SNL appearance back in 2012.