Celebrate 20 Years of Google Search

September 27, 2018

© Adrian825 | Dreamstime.com


Today Google is celebrating twenty years of searches. There have been plenty of extremely obvious things I've used Google to remember (for example, I routinely forget how many pints are in a quart) and plenty of actors/movies I've reminisced about with its help. And the song lyrics. So many song lyrics. 

You can celebrate two decades of having endless answers at your fingertips a couple ways. Today's Google doodle is all about some of the most popular search topics ever - like Y2K (we survived it!), whether or not Pluto is a planet (as of today: it's a dwarf planet), and how you pronounce "gif" (still controversional around the ALT 92.3 office). Watch it here. 

There's also some easter eggs hidden in today's searches, mostly poking fun at the way trends have changed since 1998. Here's a list of things to try Googling today. Happy searching!