Your Canned Pumpkin Is Lying to You

November 19, 2018

© Siarhei Nosyreu |


It's Thanksgiving week and while we're all thinking of reasons to be thankful, here's a reason never to trust anyone ever. Canned pumpkin... isn't really pumpkin.

This nugget of info pops up every year around this time: the FDA doesn't require canned pumpkin to be 100% pumpkin. Basically as long as it's a squash that's pumpkin-colored, it's A-OK - and this has been their policy for decades! It's all about consistency, really. And taste, probably. Butternut squash is a lot more delicious than pumpkin tbh. 

So feel free to amuse yourself at the Thanksgiving table by loudly telling everyone who takes a slice of pumpkin pie that it's really squash pie - maybe mid-bite for maximum reaction. You deserve a few laughs after all these years of deception. 

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