Is This the Best Way to Make S'mores?

July 10, 2019

Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus


The heat of summer is here, and that means it's s'mores season. S'mores make me think of Girl Scout camp, singalongs and building fires - a campfire, of course, being the traditional way to toast marshmallows.

BUT WHAT IF THERE'S A BETTER WAY? That's the premise of this article, which argues that using your BROILER to brown the marshmallows creates a perfect texture - and thus, the perfect s'more.

Bryce and I talked about this yesterday, and he was NOT having it. He said part of the fun is the process: getting a burned and blackened marshmallow, then one that falls into the fire, before finally getting that ideal mix of toasty and gooey. Meanwhile, I don't care how they're made, as long as I can eat them. The sooner the better.

Here's how to make the "perfect" s'more yourself!