Behold, the Massive Marriage of Pizza and Cheeseburger

October 12, 2018

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Anyone can throw some ground beef, lettuce and tomato on top of a cheese pizza and claim it's a "cheeseburger pizza", but that wouldn't be a culinary feat worthy of New York. Besides, if you're going to sell food for charity, better make it something people everywhere will talk about. And that's what Champion Pizza has done. 

It's a 40-pound pizza that sells for $2,000, and proceeds go towards Hurricane Florence recovery efforts. Champion Pizza has gotten all sorts of press for their creation (which includes 10 pounds of Kobe beef) - and sold enough pizzas to help a lot of people. You still have a week to get one yourself!

Here's a video about how it's made, and h/t to Gothamist for the scoop! (Slice? News.)

Is it a burger? Is it a pizza No__ it's cheeseburger pizza.--@nbcnewyork @hakkiakdenizz

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