This App Lets You Look Out From the Statue of Liberty's Torch​

May 14, 2019
Statue of Liberty

Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images

The brand new Statue of Liberty museum opens on Thursday: Gothamist has a massive gallery of photos here if you want a sneak peek at the 26,000 ft space. And even if you're not sure when you'll make it out to Liberty Island, you can use your phone to experience the statue and its story in a whole new way. 

The new Statue of Liberty app doesn't just offer you incredible views of the statue (including a time-lapse video of the structure changing color over time), it also lets you look out FROM the statue. That includes the original torch view, which hasn't been accessible since 1916. As impressive as all the tech and visuals are, what makes the app really special is how it incorporates the history and meaning of the statue itself - a good reminder of why Lady Liberty lifts her lamp over New York Harbor. See some augmented reality views of the Statue of Liberty here.