2018's Weirdest Science and Health News

December 12, 2018

© Alkerk | Dreamstime.com

How long has 2018 been? The Tide POD Challenge was THIS YEAR. Honestly, that seems like a lifetime ago. And it's just one of the oddest health and science related stories we've lived through in the last 12 months. (Also one of the most overblown tbh.)

The gang over at Gizmodo has helpfully collected some of the other noteworthy times we tilted our heads and made the confused Scooby Doo noise about science news this year. Like tripping octopuses!  And mysterious space objects! And can we add that mysterious giant cow to the list?

So before we discover all the scientific weirdness 2019 has in store for us, take a look back: the full list is here!