The 1975 Performed on The Late Late Show and Things Got Intense

July 23, 2019
Matty Healy at Coachella 2019

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella


While we wait for The 1975 to come back to New York for a non-festival show, take a few moments to watch this. "I Like America & America Likes Me" shares its name with a performance art piece. Staged in SoHo in the 1970s, the piece critiqued how divided American society had become by locking the artist in a room with a coyote for three days. Matty Healy repeats lines like "I'm scared of dying" and "would you please listen" through a haze of auto-tune and distortion. It's both compelling and unsettling. 

Matty didn't bring a coyote to The Late Late Show, but he did bring a ferocious intensity, breaking out of the traditional stage setting to prowl on top of James Corden's desk before performing directly into the camera. It's art in my book. Enjoy: