Your Dog Is Miserable: Put Down the Phone and Show Them Some Love

October 2, 2018

How addicted to your smartphone are you? Honestly, we're all probably on them too much, but how are you supposed to quit? Things are hard.

What about when friends call you out for being rude? That should work. Nope.

Walking up the backside of some random on the sidewalk because your face was buried in your phone? Nah. Just a stranger you'll never see again.

What if I told you you're making your dog miserable

Yeah, see? Now you care, because animals. Seriously, you're ruining the bond between you and your best friend. Veterinary surgeon and VetUK founder Iain Booth says put down the phone, and give a good boy some hugs, because your obsession is leaving your dog feeling lonely and depressed. 

You know, like you feel when your latest selfie only gets two likes in three hours. 

So put down the phone and show Fido a little love. 

Such a good boy. 

Or girl.