Guys, Put Down That Low-Cal Beer: The Ladies LOVE Beer Bellies!

August 9, 2018

Guys, put down that emasculating low-cal beer, and pour down a Guinness or three, because men with beer bellies get more women and live longer! I had to read that twice.  Sounded just as stupid the second time, but it is NOT fake news! Some people at Yale conducted this study, and found that not only is the beer belly thing a plus, but being older and having children makes men more attractive to women, too!  

This just gets more ridiculous sounding, but I believe it because Yale. And I want to.  

What the hell are we killing ourselves at the gym for, guys? Seems the more slovenly we are, the better! Hell no, we won't go!

Meh... I'm still going. I gotta see what's underneath that stubborn layer of belly fat.  

I'm sure it's probably just more fat.