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Would You Get a "Dumb Phone" To Kick Your Social Media Habit?

August 21, 2018

Off the top of your head, how much you think you check your phone? I bet it's more than you think it is. I'm bad, too. Always pulling it (the phone) out....every other minute. I always make up lame excuses when I get called on it, too.

"Oh, I was just checking the time." (We're at a bar. We leave when the lights come on.) 

"I was seeing if the Yankees won." (Look up. Game's on.)

"I thought I felt it vibrate." (That's actually a thing)

I'd love to kick the habit, but man, to go back to the stone ages? A "dumb phone?" That may be a bit much. Plus, I gotta give the hot blonde from Brooklyn more time to swipe right on me. Just hasn't decided yet.