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Women Are Better At Betting On Sports Than Men

Because they're smarter.

January 23, 2020

Guys, if you plan on throwing down some sheckels on the Super Bowl, you might wanna ask your lady who she's taking.  

Sports gambling data says that women have better results than men, to the tune of a 19.7% return on investment for them, and a 4.6% return for men.  I mean, that's not a small difference.  One might say that's a YUUUGE difference.

Why tho?

They say they're not completely sure, but one reason is that women are less emotionally connected to sports than men, so they bet with their heads, while men bet with their hearts.

Shiiiiii...not me.  If I did that I'd be betting on the Vikings every year and be living in a refrigerator box outside Port Authority.

Also, younger women are better than the older ones.  Their return on investment numbers are even more ridiculous than the ones I told you about earlier. If you'd like to see all that data, click HERE!

So...umm...ladies, who you got?  

Asking for a friend.