Womans Viral Post Demands Neighborhood Give Out Better Candy

And she yells at old people about all the pennies...

October 8, 2019

I kinda hate this time of the year.  I'm reminded of the consecutive Halloweens I was preyed upon by the older kids.  Two years in a row, the bastards stole my pillowcase full of Halloween candy.  Full.  I worked hard for that shit.  Changed costumes so I could hit the same houses twice and everything.  Poured over my route map for weeks prior.  Then, in an instant...


It's almost enough to make a kid go full-blown Joker...

But I digress...this is about a lady who demands her neighborhood be better than the slobs that surround them.  Get that peasant candy out of here!

Yeah, that's a bitch right there.

And I don't know if you're gonna read the comments, but this is the best one:

“The person writing this are 3 children in a trench coat who named itself Karen."

Happy Halloween.