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Woman Upset With Neighbors Christmas Lights Because Penis

Even I don't find this funny. Anymore.

December 13, 2019

Nothing says Merry Christmas like erecting a big, lighted penis on your roof, amirite?

Yeah, no.

Shelby Gash strung up 60 feet of Christmas lights on her roof in the shape of a penis, because she thinks it's "hilarious."

"It's a joke that wears out pretty quick," says one neighbor.  Another says, "it's not appropriate for little kids."  Well, if the kids ask, I guess you could always say it's...uh, an arrow pointing to Santa's house?  I don't have kids, I'm no good with this stuff.

Gash, though, she thinks these neighbors are "uptight."

Click HERE and you can watch her say things like, "It's a giant, glowing dick."  Also, "People think it's hilarious. People are stopping in the middle of the night taking photos and laughing. People think it's so much fun. I think there's a lot more laughter than it's bringing out anything uncomfortable."

Might be a better Halloween joke, that's all I'm sayin'.