I thought a cold nose meant you were healthy.

October 19, 2018

Sometimes I think people in the fashion industry are punking us.  Like, I see them sitting around at parties in their over-sized scarves, sipping on drinks they secretly hate, making bets on who can come up with the most colossally nonsensical crap.  At the very least they think we're stupid.  How else to explain the constant flow of ridiculous items they want us to buy?


Pre-dirtied sneakers for almost $600?  Sold out.


You could wear them with your pre-dirtied jeans.  Only $425.


Clear-kneed mom jeans?  A steal at $95.


Or detachable jeans!  Yay!  Wait, $450?  I take back the yay.


And I get that winter is coming, but if you see someone wearing this hug-me coat, you're gonna need to, I can't tell you that.  You do what you want. 


Which leads me to this newest item.  Nose warmers.  Seriously?  Insane. They should have called them Booger Holders. That's the only thing it's doing.  And keeping people from talking to you.  Which in New York probably isn't such a bad thing.  At LEAST they're not stupid expensive like the other crap.  You can get a "good" one for about ten bucks.


Hey, your mom probably thinks it's a good idea.