Who Is The Genius That Officially Invented 'Taco Tuesdays'?

September 4, 2018

It's Taco Tuesday! Actually, I'm not even sure we're supposed to post things that say that. Wait, can we even say that?

The story about how the whole thing came to be is quite convoluted, but just know that there is a restaurant chain that WILL sue folks for using Taco Tuesday.  

Taco John's is a chain restaurant, mostly in the Midwest, that claims they invented the phrase. In fact, they've even trademarked it in 1979, hence the suing. A Minnesota Taco John's says it was the first to use it in the early 80's, but TJ's has contradicted that multiple times.

Whatever. All I know is I'm saying it every Tuesday from now on, just to stick it to 'em.

Such a rebel.