Photo: Ron Elkman / USA Today

Weezer's "California Snow" From the 'Spell' Soundtrack Arrives 9/20

September 19, 2018

Fresh off the heels of their biggest hit in ten years, we get a new single from Weezer tomorrow (9/20)! Another cover? "99 Luftballons" perhaps? Nah. (But they would probably KILL that one.) 

It's a song called "California Snow" from the Spell soundtrack. 

UPDATE: Here It Is!

Rivers Cuomo makes a cameo in the movie as well, about an illustrator who runs out of medication while "wandering the isolated Icelandic countryside" and is "unsure if his compulsions are related to his disorder or if he's being forced to unlock ancient secrets." Rivers is the guy's therapist, but we'll only hear his voice on the phone.  

Another interesting thing about the movie, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy did the score.

The film debuts September 23rd at the L.A. Film Festival.