Still time to get a good scare in before Halloween is over.

October 29, 2018

Wait!  Where you goin'?  Halloween isn't over, people!  I know it may seem like it, as most of us spent the weekend gettin' Halloweird, but it ain't until Wednesday, and there's still time to get plenty scared from now until then.

There are a ton of great places to crap yourself in Jersey that aren't at Great Adventure.  Like the place where the Hindenberg blew up, for example.  Legend has it that the people that died in that inferno still hang around inside Hangar No. 1.  Someone in charge there says "the ghosts there don't know they're ghosts.  They just act normally.  They're inside waiting for the next airship to come."

Creepy.  You know, if you believe in that sort of thing.  (Which I do.  Seen it.  Lived with it.  I'll tell ya later.)

You got Shades of Death Road, the Stephen Crane House in Asbury Park, and the Seabrook-Wilson House a short drive away in Middletown.  That place is supposed to be "super haunted," and the ghosts there like to scare children.  There's a ghost boy that looks in the window, a woman in white that carries a baby, and the ghost of Captain Morgan, too!  

Maybe he'll bring a bottle.