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If bandmate Jonny Greenwood can do it, so can he.

November 5, 2018

Jealousy can be a hell of a motivator.  I wouldn't even be in radio if it weren't for a kid who sat in front of me in 6th period.  He went to some broadcasting school to take a voice test, and came back bragging about what a great score he got, and I'm stitting there thinking "I can do better than this nerd."  

So I did.

Thom Yorke probably didn't say the nerd thing about Jonny Greenwood, but it's the same sort of deal.  Thom saw Jonny doing all of this movie scoring, and was jealous, but was afraid to try.  He told BBC Radio 1's the Chillest Show, "If I was honest with myself, I was a little bit jealous but felt that I couldn’t [do it] so I never tried."

Why?  Because Thom can't read!


“Jonny’s just so far ahead – he understands orchestration works, he can read music, he’s studied it all. I mean, he sits there studying scores. For Paul Thomas Anderson’s last film, he went away and read all the scores from the period of the composers of the time. That is not gonna happen with me cos I can’t read music.”

But eventually he got his nerve up and went ahead and created this masterpiece for the remake of the horror classic, "Suspiria.  But how, though, if he can't even read music?  Thom thought, "Well, it’s a horror film, I can just make loads of weird noises. It’ll be fun.’ There was way more to it than that and it was more melodic than that and more adventurous, and I was having to write choral pieces just using my own voice and many, many different things. So I’m a sucker.”

Next up for Thom?  A politically-charged solo album, unlike anything he's ever done before. 

Even if you can't, you can.