Thom Yorke


Thom Yorke's Old Band Headless Chickens Video Surfaces with Early Version of "High and Dry" from 'The Bends'

October 1, 2018

Ahh, the '80s... huge hair, shoulder pads, nut-hugging shorts.  You were friggin' embarrassing.

Some of the music was pretty good, though. Prince...Michael Jackson...Britney Fox. (Kidding about BF. I wasn't gonna put that disclaimer in, but I was afraid someone might think I was serious. That was a chance I wasn't willing to take.)

Headless Chickens were damn solid, too. Never heard of 'em? It was Radiohead's Thom Yorke's band. Over the weekend an old video popped up of them doing an early version of "High and Dry," the hit from 1995's The Bends, and it doesn't disappoint.

His band actually looked cooler than those of the same era, and no mullet for Thom. 

Well done.