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Surfer Bro Holds Sign Asking For TP, Gives It To Others

Surfer Bro...the hero we need right now.

March 18, 2020

"I just want encourage people to be better," surfer says.

Surfer's on to something.

 Johnny Blue, (great surfer name) 33-year-old from Cali, said he was seriously bummed Friday night after seeing reports of people accross the country hoarding toilet paper. Then a friend of his couldn't find diapers, and Johnny Blue had had enough.

The next morning, Johnny Blue took a cardboard sign out to the street corner with a simple message: "Share your toilet paper."

Well, people responded immediately.  They honked, and actually stopped and dropped off those oh-so-valuable rolls of ass goodness.

Johnny Blue was stoked.

“This guy came here and said he just ran out and was going to a bunch of stores and couldn’t find any,” said Johnny Blue. Somebody had given me some so I gave it to him."  He then, was also stoked.

“I just want to encourage everyone to be better,” he said. “Difficult times can reveal us to ourselves and help us see ourselves more clearly.”


The world needs more like Johnny Blue.

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