Post-it and forget it.

November 6, 2018

Stressed?  Here!  Write on this post-it! what now? the subway!

So, you want me to relieve my stress by going down into the subway?

Yeah!  Just write whatever's on your mind down on a 3x3 colored piece of sticky paper, and voila!

Eh, how 'bout I just smack...ok fiiiine.  Give me a pen.

How much "Subway Therapy" actually worked two years ago when it first appeared after Trump's victory we'll never really know, but it's back again to help you through this election go-around.  A lot of people seem to dig it, though.  Polly is a big fan...

She says, "This was a great way for some to ease their stress without worrying about judgement. It truly is therapeutic. I feel like—even just looking at the Post-Its—you could tell that people are feeling a little bit anxious about midterms and life in general."  "Subway Therapy" was so successful the first time that they made an actual book out of it, and the creator of the project, Matthew Chavez said he just had to do it again to give NYers an outlet during the midterms.

Check it out for yourself at Union Square 14th Street Station, between 6th/7th Avenue Stations every day this week (Nov 5-9).