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Stop AND SUE Robocallers Instantly With This New Service

Slap an instant $3,000 lawsuit on their ass.

February 19, 2020

You know what the most useless invention in world history is?  

Not this:

Or even this:

It's the DO NOT CALL LIST. It DOES NOT WORK. Those bastard spammers call you anyway.  Well, not anymore.

Tick-tock, motherf*****s.

Meet the world's first robot lawyer, Do Not Pay. Robo Revenge will help you trap robocallers and instantly sue them!  



When you sign up, they give you a fake credit card.  Then the next time you get an unsolicited call, you pretend to be interested and "pay" with that card.  They can then trace who's behind the call and instantly sue them for up to THREE GRAND per call, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Has to be a from a company based in the U.S., though.  They can't help you with those Nigerian scams.

No idea how often people win or how long it takes to get the cash, but who cares.  It's not like you're doing any of the work!