These normal looking glasses connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

October 24, 2018

I think we all remember the first attempt at smart glasses.  Remember Google Glass?  Everyone was pretty enthralled with them at first.  Bars accross America were convinced they were gonna be the next big thing, so they even started pre-emptively banning them, afraid for their customers privacy.  Alas, nothing to worry about there, though, as they never caught on.  Suprisingly, they're still around, but they still have that dopey looking bar thing over the top of one eye.


Spectacles anyone? These obnoxious things are Snapchat's doing, and I'm VERY shocked they're still available.  Maybe it's the price?  At $150 - $300, they're much cheaper than the Glass.  Still though, meh.


Maybe THIS is the home run.  Introducing Focals, the latest smart glasses to come to market, brought there by a start-up called North.  What's the difference?  Well, for starters, they look like a normal pair of glasses.  No bar, no obvious one would even know you're wearing them.  Until they see you start talking to yourself, that is.  Focals connect to your phone via Bluetooth and have a small projector that beams data into the your eyes. They can tell you the weather or time, read text messages and even order an Uber. The glasses are also connected to Alexa, so if you can ask them for directions or information, and a small speaker will tell you the answers.  So basically, they do everything your phone already does.

And maybe even your watch.

The only difference I see is, with the glasses, you can do all that without having to move your arms and hands.  And maybe your head a little.  If that's worth $1,000 to you, I say go for it.

I'm warning you though, we're all gonna end up boneless blobs like the people on the spaceship in "Wall-E."