I mean....

September 19, 2019

Remember when Halloween used to be fun?  Back before the costume police?  I do.  I mean, there are obvious things you shouldn't wear, but it's silly season out there when someone says you can't throw on a sheet with holes for your eyes and be a ghost.

When I was a kid I remember dressing up as a lady one year and a hobo the next.  Probably couldn't do that now.  The hobo costume was sick, too.  I got to glue coffee grounds on my face to make a beard.  

I reeked.

Lots of people have problems with any "sexy" costume, too.  Anything sexy, so I'm waiting for the Twitter thread that calls this new Sexy Mr. Rogers costume offensive.  The sellers, Yandy.com, call it the "Nicest Neighbor Costume."

You're thinking, "there's no way anyone will complain about that."  

Wanna bet?  I wish that were true.

How about a real challenge, though?  How 'bout someone make a Sexy Lady Elaine Fairchilde costume?

She still makes the hair on my neck stand up.