Science Says: People Who Decorate Early For Holidays Are Happier


September 14, 2018

You know those people that bitch every year about stores putting out their Christmas decorations too early? Don't let 'em steal your joy! I mean, I've done it, too. One year the K-Mart in Penn Station had that s--- up before the end of August! But I digress. Point is, it turns out, people who decorate early are happier than everyone else. Science says there's a lot of reasons for it, but mostly because people like to associate to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of childhood. 

I get it. Totally. My sister and I would sleep under the tree for weeks, we were so excited. It was great until she started counting presents to see who had more.  (It was always me.) Then all hell broke loose.

But go deck those halls and pop in the Grinch whenever you feel like it!

Just maybe save the outside lights at least until after Halloween.